Streetopia: The Uses of Market Street

w/ Chris Carlsson and Erick Lyle

Market Street has long been the meeting point and mixing zone of the various populations of the City. Today, against the backdrop of the old main drag’s decay, city planners, developers, dot com companies, and arts organizations look to the street as a final frontier, a blank slate for their fever dreams of speculation and renewal. As attention now turns to the street’s “redevelopment”, Market Street can perhaps best be understood as a broad theater in which the vast divisions of wealth in our society play out and in against a backdrop of neglected public space in the internet age. Join writers and historians, Chris Carlsson and Erick Lyle as they retrace the path of countless demonstrations, working-class parades, queer celebrations, bombings, and more, peeling back multiple layers of history, social constestation, and clashing visions of what a city–and its most “majestic” boulevard–can and should be…

at the Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market Street (near 6th)