Talks & Appearances

I have been speaking in public a lot for the past 20 years. I’ve been interviewed a lot on radio and for the internet, usually with regard to my books or Critical Mass, and I’ve given a great number of public lectures on the same in college classrooms, at bookstores, and in various other venues. I have also been hosting a series of Shaping San Francisco Public Talks since 2006, where I act primarily as moderator, but sometimes I’m a presenter too. Those Talks are mostly available as audio or video files by going here.


June 2024

A discussion of When Shells Crumble that connects it to Nowtopia on a one-hour long podcast at “Speaking Out of Place”

February 2024

A nice Q&A in Mission Local, February 22, 2024

February 2024

Bird & Beckett Books, presentation of When Shells Crumble

January 2024

City Lights Books (Zoom), presentation of When Shells Crumble

November 2023

A glowing review at the San Francisco Chronicle!

When Shells Crumble may well be the most optimistic disaster novel you’ll ever read…”
—A.D. Cirulis, San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 29, 2023

June 2023

Huck magazine interview: To End Neoliberalism, We Have to ‘Stop Everything We do’

October 2022

Litcrawl, Adobe Books, The Fabulist presents “Utopia Hunters” (7 mins. of After the Deluge)

August 2022

Peter Greenberg Eye on Travel” CBS Radio, scroll to 1:28:30 for ten minutes on Hidden San Francisco and more. (only worked in Chrome)

August 2022

“Machines in Flames” screening at CounterPULSE, respondent and discussant.

July 2022

“Ride Bikes More” podcast, Austin, TX on origins of Critical Mass

June 2022

Stern magazine, Berlin, Germany reprint of edited version of Karl Magazine interview.

April 2022

Karl Magazine, Stuttgart, Germany, issue 01/2022  “Wie Geht Es Der Critical Mass?” How is Critical Mass?” interview with Chris Carlsson

December 2021

“Roll Over Easy,” Scroll to last 25 minutes of show, where LisaRuth Elliott and I talk about Shaping San Francisco and local history.

July, 2021

“Degrowth & Environmental Justice Summer School 2021,” Can Decreix, France, Retrospective analysis of Nowtopia and how it connects to the Degrowth concept.

June, 2021

San Francisco Diaries: Meet a Local Historian Who is Anything But Jaded

April, 2021

Car-Free Alliance discussion of Critical Mass history and a look at how local history work informs our sense of place.

July, 2020

San Francisco Public Library, Hidden San Francisco presentation (Zoom)

Mechanics Institute, Hidden San Francisco presentation (Zoom)

June, 2020

Against the Grain, KPFA-FM

May, 2020

Pluto Press podcast

March, 2020

East Bay Yesterday podcast

March, 2020

Book release presentation on my 63rd birthday!

October, 2019

A chat with Thaddeus Russell on his “Unregistered” podcast

October, 2019

“Digital Commons: The Road Not Taken” at Main Branch, SF Public Library

July, 2019

“The Bicycling Commons” at Noe Valley Branch, San Francisco Public Library

June, 2019

Nerd Nite San Francisco: “How Did We Get Here?”

May, 2019

“History of 1934 General Strike” at Tenderloin Museum

April, 2019

“Labor Organizing in Tech: Then and Now” at USF, Fromm Hall

February, 2019

“Vanished Waters: A History of San Francisco’s Mission Bay” at Mission Bay Branch Library, part of Take Part SF, revisiting the 1938 SF scale model.

February, 2019

California Historical Society, “Booms and Busts: Looking at Labor in Los Angeles and San Francisco from 1850-1950”

November, 2018

SF Urban Film Festival, “Protest and Celebration in Our Shared Spaces,” Roxie Theater

October, 2018

“A Brief History of Pre-Web Digital Dissent” at Noisebridge, part of MAPP

September, 2018

BikeBike!, Los Angeles State Historic Park, “A Bicycling Commons”

September, 2018

BiodiverseCity Summit 2018, Final keynote: “Working Biodiversity”

August, 2018

“Nowtopia” Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark (via Skype)

May, 2018

“Do Androids Dream of Surplus Value?” part of the “Imagining Post-Capitalism” festival

March, 2018

“The Future of the Past in the Digital Age” at the Koret Auditorium, San Francisco Public Library

March, 2018

“The Future of the Past in the Digital Age” at History Days at the Old Mint, San Francisco

February, 2018

Lo Común Público Bicicletero/The Bicycling Commons at Estadio Bonilla, Lima, Peru, World Bike Forum #7

June, 2017

“A Summer of Love Amidst a Decade of Defiance” at the DeYoung Museum, Friday nights at the DeYoung series, San Francisco

April, 2017

Ciudades que Echan La Mano“/Cities That Lend a Hand, at the Centro Cultural del Mexico Contemporaneo, World Bike Forum #6, Mexico City

April, 2017

“Start Talks Now on Work Reduction!” at Hofstra University during conference “Marx’s Critique of Political Economy and the Global Crisis Today: on the 150th anniversary of the publication of Karl Marx’s Capital

March, 2017

“Gazing Ironically Into the Cul-de-Sac of Radicalism” at ProArts Gallery, Oakland, part of the “New Situationists” show.

February, 2017

“Communal Histories” at Domestic Affairs #4: Living Together, held at California College of the Arts, San Francisco

December, 2016

KALW 91.7 FM “City Visions” 25th anniversary show

July, 2016

The Iconoclast

April, 2016

“We Are the Crisis of Capital” with Andrej Grubacic, at the Anarchist Bookfair, Oakland, CA

April, 2016

Forum Mundial de Bicicleta #5, Santiago, Chile, “If Bicycling is the Key, What Does it Unlock?” and in Spanish: “Si el ciclismo es la clave, ¿qué nos revela?

October, 2015

SF Museum of Modern Art 80th anniversary celebration “Can We Talk About Art?” lecture at Rincon Annex Post Office

July, 2015

DeYoung Museum, Koret Auditorium, Friday Nights at the DeYoung, “San Francisco in the 1970s, and How It Got That Way!”

June, 2015

“Unofficial Histories” conference, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, Netherlands, “Introducing Shaping San Francisco” opening lecture

March, 2015

North American Anarchist Studies Network conference, “The Contemporary Anarchist Scene, 1980s-present” (part of “Hidden Histories of Bay Area Anarchism” opening plenary)

February, 2015

SF Sketchfest, Hound Tall podcast, history and comedy, at Eureka Theater

January, 2015

HistoryPin presentation at Grand Theater opening

January, 2015

“Gentrification and the Changing Nature of San Francisco,” at The Battery

November, 2014

Telegraph Hill Dwellers Celebration of Neighborhood Writers at Naked Lunch

September, 2014

“Lost Landscapes of Oakland,” hosted screening at Oakland Underground Film Festival, Humanist Hall, Oakland

September, 2014

Radar Reading Series: Banned Books reading, Koret Auditorium, SF Public Library

June, 2014

“State of the City” roundtable discussion, Modern Times Bookstore

June, 2014

Vanished Waters: A History of San Francisco’s Mission Bay, presented at Mission Bay Branch Library

April, 2014

“Sweet Ride” bike festival, San Francisco State University

February, 2014

Forum Mundial da Bicicleta III (3rd World Bike Forum), Curitiba, Brazil

October, 2013

“History From Below” conference, Berlin, Germany

October, 2013

“Giftival” Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

June, 2013

San Bruno County Jail, Critical Mass discussion

May, 2013

National Bike Greenway ride “ambassador”

May, 2013

Critical mass: noi siamo il traffico. Libro + talk + film (Skype appearance), Milan, Italy

May, 2013

Presidio Natural Heritage Dialogue, San Francisco, CA

April, 2013

“Changing Directions California: New People, Politics, Cartography”, California Studies Association, David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA

April, 2013

“General Intellect’s Cavalry: the Bicycling Movement on the Front Lines of the Culture War”, Bicycling Hall of Fame, Davis, CA

February, 2013

“History of Bay Area Radicalism,” Holdout, Oakland

October, 2012

Ramblin’ Reckless Hobo: A Woody Guthrie Tribute“, Litquake, Z Space, San Francisco

September, 2012

“Yerba Buena Yesterday: 150 Years ‘South of the Slot'”, at SPUR, San Francisco

September, 2012

“A Tale of Two Cities’ Food Histories” at SPUR, San Francisco

September, 2012

“Kitchen Table Talks: The Shifting Paradigm of Work in the Food System” at 18 Reasons Why, San Francisco

July, 2012

“Radically Gay: The Life of Harry Hay” at SF Main Library

June, 2012

“Shift Happens!” at Patio Maravillas, Madrid, Spain

June, 2012

“Jobs Don’t Work!” Occupy Forum, San Francisco

May, 2012

“Uses of Market Street” Talk and Walking Tour, Streetopia Festival, Luggage Store, San Francisco

March, 2012

“Represent Yourself” Unconference, Noisebridge Hacker Space, San Francisco.

February, 2012

“Massa Critica e a Utopia do Agora” Fundaçao Getulio Vargas, Salão Nobre, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (teaser)

February, 2012

“Nowtopia: A Utopia do Agora” after Critical Mass in Rendençao Park, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

“Cicloativismo, Bicicletada/Massa Critica, cicloativismo como agente de mudança para cidades mais humanas,” World Bike Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil

November, 2011

“Rank and File Research,” City Lights bookstore

November, 2011

360 Collective Intelligence salon

October, 2011

World Savvy Sustainability Conference

September, 2011

“Towards Car-Free Cities” Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

June, 2011

Cries of San Francisco: Manifestoes and Songs, SoEx Gallery

April, 2011

Studio for Urban Projects, Bicycling Politics

March, 2011

NextUs Public Talk, San Francisco

March, 2011

Cicloaxion, Lima, Peru

March, 2011

Charla Solidaria, Programa Democracia y Transformación Global, Lima, Peru

February, 2011

Charla Bicicletero, Quito, Ecuador

February, 2011

Free Soil No. 1: Farming 2050 at Studio for Urban Projects

December, 2010

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, “The Lost World” history of SOMA, part of the Infnite City Atlas series.

November, 2010

TEDx Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil

October, 2010

Good Bike Festival, Zagarolo, Italy

September 2010

Ciclomundi, Siena, Italy

June 2010

U.S. Social Forum, Detroit MI

June 16-20, 2010

Car-Free Vancouver Day, Vancouver, Canada

Part 1:

Part 2:

March 2010

Cat’s Pajamas, MakeOut Room

November 2009

Ancestor’s Wisdom, Messages for These Times

September 2009

2o. Congreso Nacional de Ciclismo Urbano (Guadalajara, Mexico)

“Critical Mass and other Revolutions on Bicycle”

June 2009

Studio for Urban Projects, Nowtopia and FoundSF

June 2009

SPUR Symposium: The Private City: The founding oligarchy of San Francisco

April 2009

Left Forum, NYC: Counter Culture Industries: Capitalist, Anti-capitalist, Non-capitalist

March 2009

Eat-In, Yerba Buena Gardens

March 2009

“An Amnesiac City Sleepwalking Towards the Abyss”, EVOLVE 2009, SF Main Library, “San Francisco: Past, Present, and Future”

November 2008

“Community Conversation: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, BAN 5, Groundings”

September 2008

Public unveiling of Noe Valley Farmers’ Market Murals by Mona Caron

September 2008

The Great Rehearsal, Bay Area panel

September 2008

Conflux Festival, New York City, Keynote speaker

August 2008

The Abundance League, presenting Nowtopia

August 2008

San Francisco Writing For Change Conference

June 2008

The Battle for San Francisco at Portland’s “Towards Car-Free Cities Conference” (mp3)

June 2008

“Take Back the Commons”

Design Action Forum, San Francisco

April 2008

Nowtopia Opening Party at CounterPULSE

podcast here

March 2008

InsideStoryTime, Catastrophe Fiction, Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco

October 2007

4th biannual “Slow Food Feast of Fools and Friends” at CounterPULSE.

May 2007

“Backtracking 1994-85,” Rigo23, a Forum on local history at the Luggage Store Gallery

April 2007

“Crisis of the California Commons” conference: The Right to the City: Urban Space as Commons

April 2007

“Writing the Bicycle: Rhetoric and Research on Two Wheels” creative writing class at Stanford University.

April 2007

3rd biannual “Slow Food Feast of Fools and Friends” at CounterPULSE.

April 2007

American Association of Geographers Conference: “Revanchist San Francisco II”

March 2007

Anarchist Bookfair, “Nowtopia”

February, 2007

“Whatever Happened to the 8-Hour Day?” talk and multimedia presentation given for the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society

February, 2007

Remodeling Design Activism conference, UC Berkeley, speaking on Critical Mass

September 2006

“This Is Forever” series at Bluestockings Bookstore, NYC. Speaking on “Seeds of the New”, forthcoming book.

July 2006

“The City That Might Have Been,” panel discussion on the 1906 Burnham Plan for San Francisco, held at SPUR in San Francisco.

April 2006

The RADAR reading series: underground & emerging authors, SF Public Library

April, 2006

“Ruin, Rubble and Race: The San Francisco Earthquake and post-Katrina America, 1906 to 2006, One Hundred Years Later”, Chinatown, SF

November 2005

Bay Area Coalition for our Reproductive Rights rally, San Francisco

August 2005

“Writers With Drinks” Make-out Room, San Francisco

March 2005

ATA/Other Cinema: “The New Revolt”

October 2003

Walk/Bike California 2003, “Whose Roads? Our Roads”, Oakland CA

July 2003

“YLEM Forum: Art and Technology Bring History Alive”

October 2002

Break The Gridlock Conference, Chicago, Illinois “Dissolving Political Gridlock”

May 2002

Tentacle Session #33 Chris Carlsson “Riot to Bad Attitude, Revolutionary Tourism, Critical Mass, Dept. of Public Art and Hissstory”

April 2002

Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference 2002, San Francisco, panelist, “Grassroots Goes Global: Activism Online”

October 2001

Processed World’s 20th Anniversary party, ATA “Other Cinema” San Francisco

January 2000

Economic Roundtable of San Francisco: “Class Politics in the Wake of Seattle”

April 1996

“Information, Expression, Institution: The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction” panel discussion with Perry Hoberman, Marina McDougal and James Brook at Small Press Distribution, Berkeley, CA

February 1995

S. F. Exploratorium Multimedia Playground: “Luddism Revisited”

August 1994

S. F. Press Club Wildcat Words: Swing Shift: Tales of Temp, Part-time & Unemployment, “Wipe Away The Tiers!”

October 1993

UC Berkeley Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia & Networks, “Shape of Truth to Come”

June 1993

Modern Times Wildcat Words: Altered States: Is Technology the Opiate of the Masses?, “Altered States”

May 1992

Eye Gallery: “Work Isn’t Working”

March 1992

Int’l Clerical & Bankworkers Conference : “Problems Facing White-Collar Organizing”

October 1991

California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, CA: “Attitude Adjustment Seminar”

Komotion International, San Francisco “Attitude Adjustment Seminar”

June 1990

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, England: “Attitude Adjustment Seminar”

August 1986

Split Shift: New Work Writing Conf./ Vancouver, Canada “Attitude Adjustment Seminar”


When Shells Crumble

02/13/23 Bird & Beckett Books

January 2024

01/09/24 City Lights Books (Zoom)

12/12/23 Medicine for Nightmares bookstore

12/05/23 Howard Zinn Bookfair

Hidden San Francisco: A Guide to Lost Landscapes, Unsung Heroes, and Radical Histories

04/14/2021 Community Living Campaign: Ecological History (Zoom)

03/24/2021 Community Living Campaign: Labor History (Zoom)

08/05/2020 Northern California Tour Guide Guild (Zoom)

04/14/2020 San Francisco Village, Zoom presentation

03/11/2020 Book release and opening party, 518 Valencia, San Francisco

Ten Years That Shook the City: San Francisco 1968-78

10/29/2011 UC Berkeley, Multicultural Ctr, EastWind Books

08/17/2011 Koret Auditorium, SF Main Public Library

07/28/2011 Modern Times Books, San Francisco

07/13/2011 Red Hill Books, San Francisco

07/10/2011 Bird & Beckett, San Francisco

07/07/2011 Books Inc., 4th Street, Berkeley

07/06/2011 Books Inc., Opera Plaza, San Francisco

06/21/2011 Books Inc., Market Street, San Francisco

06/16/2011 Pegasus Books, Berkeley

06/08/2011 Shaping SF Talks: Ecology

06/07/2011 Green Arcade Books, San Francisco

06/02/2011 City Lights Books, Opening Release Party

05/25/2011 Shaping SF Talks: Murals, Comix, Posters

05/18/2011 Shaping SF Talks: Mission Politics

Vanished Waters: A History of San Francisco’s Mission Bay

06/18/2014 Mission Bay Branch Library

07/21/2011 Randall Museum Natural History Series

03/26/2011 Green Arcade

02/16/2011 Shaping SF Talks: Mission Bay


06/30/12 Traficantes del Sueño, Madrid, Spain

10/03/10 Il Molino CSOA, Lugano, Switzerland

09/30/10 SHAKE Edizioni, Milan, Italy

09/29/10 Utopia Bookstore, Milan, Italy

09/27/10 Il Modo Infoshop, Bologna, Italy

04/15/09 Word Press Bookstore, Edinburgh, Scotland

04/10/09 1 in 12, Bradford, England

04/05/09 56a Infoshop, London, England

02/07/09 BookSoup, West Hollywood, CA

09/15/08 Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY

09/07/08 This Ain’t the Rosedale Library, Toronto, Canada

09/04/08 Pages/Cinecycle, Toronto, Canada

08/23/08 Red Hill Books, San Francisco

06/28/08 Camas Books, Victoria, Canada

06/26/08 Spartacus Books, Vancouver, Canada

06/23/08 Left Bank Books, Seattle, WA

06/22/08 Elliott Bay Books, Seattle, WA

06/20/08 Last Word Books, Olympia, WA

06/16/08 Powells Books, Portland, OR

06/14/08 Tsunami Books, Eugene, OR

06/12/08 City Lights Books, San Francisco

06/05/08 AK Press Warehouse, Oakland, CA

05/29/08 Flexi Libreria, Rome, Italy

05/24/08 Torchiera Social Center, Milan, Italy

05/17/08 Lucy Parsons Center, Boston, MA

05/16/08 Symposium Books, Boston, MA

05/15/08 Food For Thought, Amherst, MA

05/14/08 Bluestockings Bookstore, NYC

05/12/08 VoxPop Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY

05/09/08 Brecht Forum, NYC

05/07/08 Columbia University, Teachers College Symposium

05/04/08 Wooden Shoe Books, Philadelphia, PA

05/03/08 A-Space, Philadephia, PA

05/02/08 Red Emma’s, Baltimore, MD

05/01/08 Brian McKenzie Infoshop, Wash. DC

04/30/08 Mudd Puddle Cafe, Frederick, MD

04/24/08 Modern Times Bookstore, SF

The Political Edge

10/28/04 City Lights Bookstore, SF

11/08/04 Black Oak Books, Berkeley

11/16/04 Modern Times Bookstore, SF

11/19/04 AK Press, Oakland

11/30/04 Bird & Beckett, SF

12/02/04 Books Inc., SF

After The Deluge

11/05/04 AK Press, Oakland

12/07/04 Modern Times Bookstore, SF

12/15/04 City Lights Bookstore, SF

03/23/05 SPUR Lunch Forum, SF

03/26/05 Anarchist Book Fair, SF

05/11/05 Thoreau Center, Presidio, SF

06/01/05 Potrero Branch Library, SF

Critical Mass: Bicycling’s Defiant Celebration

05/18/05 Grizzly Peak Cyclist Club, Berkeley

07/24/03 Bluestockings Women’s Bookstore, NYC

07/26/03 Clovis Press Books and Zines, Brooklyn NY

07/27/03 Wooden Shoe Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA

07/28/03 Black Planet Bookstore, Baltimore, MD

07/29/03 Vertigo Books, College Park, MD

Brian McKenzie social center, Washington DC

??? social center, Richmond, VA

10/08/02 Arise Bookstore, Minneapolis, MN

10/09/02 Rainbow Bookstore Co-op, Madison, WI

10/10/02 The Garage, Milwaukee, WI

10/11/02 Quimby’s Books, Chicago, IL

10/14/02 Boxcar Books, Bloomington, IN

10/15/02 Little Art Theater, Yellow Springs, OH

NOWTOPIA appearances beyond bookstores


08/19/2018 “Nowtopia” Festival, Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark (via Skype)


08/01/2016 Rancho Electronico Hackerspace, Mexico City

02/17/2016 California Institute for Integral Studies anthropology and social change class: Nowtopia


02/13/14 Oscar Neimayer Museum, Curitiba, Brazil

02/11/14 Laboriosa89, Sao Paulo, Brazil

02/09/14 Café Bonobo, Porto Alegre, Brazil


11/6/13 California Institute of Integral Studies, “Alternative Economies”

10/13/13 Gezi Park, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey, “Giftival”


03/17/12 “Represent Yourself” Unconference, Noisebridge Hacker Space, San Francisco

02/29/12 Fundaçao Getulio Vargas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Massa Crítica e a Utopia do Agora com Chris Carlsson (teaser) from Associação Ciclocidade on Vimeo.

02/24/12 World Bike Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil


11/15/10 World Savvy Conference, San Francisco

11/06/10 TEDx Amazonia, Brazil

10/26/10 Cal State University, Monterey Bay

10/10/10 Good Bike Festival, Zagarolo, Italy

10/02/10 Carroponte Festival, Sesto Sta Giovanni, Italy

10/01/10 University of Milan, Political Science Dept.

06/23/10 US Social Forum, Detroit MI

05/25/10 UC Santa Cruz, Politics and Community classes


12/05/09 Kafe 44, Stockholm, Sweden

11/28/09 Humla, Oslo, Norway

11/24/09 Ungdomhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

11/19/09 UC Davis Technocultural Studies class

10/06/09 Holistic Health Learning Center, SFSU, “Smart Living vs. Dumb Jobs–Inventing the Future with Creative Work”

05/26/09 UC Santa Cruz, Bicycling class

05/21/09 Stanford University, Writing the Bicycle class

04/28/09 UC Santa Cruz, 12 noon, Introduction to Community Studies; 4:30 pm, Center for Cultural Studies

04/22/09 Global Social Movements, Univ. of San Francisco class

04/15/09 Forest Cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland

04/13/09 Mono Cafe, Glasgow Scotland

04/11/09 The Dukes Cinema, Bike Film Festival, Lancaster, England

04/09/09 I Bike MCR, MR1 Manchester University Students Union building

04/07/09 MA Activism and Social Change seminar, Leeds, Geography Lecture Theatre, East Building

04/06/09 Pogo Cafe, London, England

03/21/09 ATA, San Francisco

03/15/09 Anarchist Bookfair, San Francisco

02/09/09 “Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way! Art, Activism and Dissent” California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, CA

01/12/09 7 pm, St. Mary’s College, Moraga, CA

01/30/09 3:30-5:30 pm, World Social Forum, Belem, Brazil

02/05/09 1 pm, Google Lunch Klatsch, Los Angeles

02/06/09 12:30 pm-3, FarmLab, Los Angeles

02/06/09 7:30 pm, LA Ecovillage

02/09/09 “Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way! Art, Activism and Dissent” California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, CA


04/16/08, SmackDab, Magnet, 18th & Collingwood, 8 pm

04/29/08, Penn State University, FreezeThaw group

04/30/08 Mudd Puddle Coffee Shop, Frederick, MD, 7 pm

05/07/08 Columbia Univ. Teachers Coll. Symposium, 12-2 pm

05/09/08 Brecht Forum, New York City

06/09/08 Take Back the Commons Talk 6 pm

06/18/08 Towards Carfree Cities Conference, Portland, OR

08/16/08 San Francisco Writing For Change Conference

08/21/08 6 pm The Abundance League

09/05/08 Guest Reader at Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto, Canada. Hosted by Friends of Dufferin Grove Park

09/08/08 Bread and Roses Cafe in Skydragon Community Development Center, Hamilton, Ontario.

09/11/08 Conflux Festival, New York City

09/13/08 Highland Park, NJ

09/15/08 “Engineering Ethics” and “Intro to Media Studies” classes at Rensallaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

10/01/08 MFA Seminar  “Public Strategies”, California College of the Arts.

11/05/08 Geography Dept. Symposium, San Francisco State University

11/11/08 “Frameworks of Art and Urbanism” San Francisco Art Institute

12/03/08 “The Contested City” San Francisco Art Institute

Shaping San Francisco appearances

Ongoing, 10-12 times per year, Shaping San Francisco’s “Cycles of History” historical bike and walking tours 
Ongoing, once a month, Bay Cruises with FishEmeryville, alternating between the northern shore and the bayshore.

01/05/2024 American Historical Association conference, walking tour “Unexpected and Unusual Labor History Tour”

10/27/2022 Community Living Campaign “Day of the Dead and Where the Bodies Are Buried” (zoom)

04/20/2022 Community Living Campaign “Ecological History” (zoom)

04/13/2022 San Francisco Art Institute Urban Studies class walking tour in North Beach/Fisherman’s Wharf

03/30/2022 Community Living Campaign “Art of Remembering” class (zoom)

03/15/2022 Community Living Campaign “Labor History” (zoom)

12/09/2021 History Happy Hour with Western Neighborhoods Project (zoom)

10/31/2021 Community Living Campaign “Day of the Dead and Where the Bodies Are Buried” (zoom)

02/27/2020 Walking tour for San Francisco Art Institute, “Trash” class

02/22/2020 California College for the Arts, walking tour of SOMA and Haight-Ashbury

02/21/2020 San Francisco State, Korean visiting class, Clarion alley tour

06/02/2019 Walking tour for World Ecology Research Network conference attendees

05/21/2019 Walking tour for students from “Canal Welcome Center” of San Rafael.

04/08/2019, Network for Elders, St. Anne’s Church, “Inner Sunset and Golden Gate Park history”

03/02-3/2019 History Days at the Old Mint

02/28/2019 Network for Elders, Cornerstone Trinity Baptist Church, “Miraloma/Twin Peaks history”

02/27/2019 “Take Part SF/Public Knowledge” presentation on scale model, Golden Gate Branch Library

01/26/2019 Department of Memory bike tour of branch libraries for “Take Part SF” looking at 1938 scale model of San Francisco (also Feb. 2, 16, 23)

01/23/2019 Network for Elders, Cayuga Senior Center, “Hidden Waterways of Islais Creek Watershed”

11/13/2018 Network for Elders, George Davis Senior Center, “African American History in San Francisco”

11/06/2018 CIIS: History From Below, methods and practices

10/31/2018 “Jazz of Modern Basketball: Racism and Virtuosity at the Roots of the Golden State Warriors”

08/25/2018 “Hidden Waterways” bike tour for Bicis del Pueblo, PODER, San Francisco

07/30/2018 La Pocha Nostra seminar

06/02/2018 San Francisco International Art Festival, walking tour of Fort Mason

04/20/2018 Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco: History of San Francisco Housing Politics

04/12/2018 Organization of American Historians annual conference: Workshop on “Shaping San Francisco and The Forms of History”

04/03/2018 Shaping San Francisco and Popular Historical Research, guest speaker at CCA class

03/19/2018 San Francisco Community Land Trust: History of San Francisco Housing Politics

03/05/2018 “Art, Populism, and the City” guest speaker at UC Berkeley class

12/13/2017 The Freeway Revolt (Shaping SF Talk)

12/06/2017 From Popular Front to Cold War (Shaping SF Talk)

11/01/2017 Mission tour for CCA Class “Street”

10/25/2017 Guest speaker “History of City Planning” UC Berkeley

10/18/2017 moderator, panel on “Stop the Draft Week” 50th anniversary held at Oakland Public Library with Calif. Historical Society

09/30/2017 Mission walking tour for Minerva Cuevas and SFMOMA

09/17/2017 “We Are Here” Studio for Urban Projects guided bike ride to Headlands Center for the Arts Opening of the new Commons

06/27/2017 Guest speaker at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute walking tour of Eureka Valley.

06/13/2017 Institute for Social Ecology, walking tour of Civic Center and South of Market

05/17/2017 Walking tour for students from “Canal Welcome Center” of San Rafael.

05/06/2017 Teaching History in the 21st Century conference, UC Berkeley

05/03/2017 San Francisco Labor History, Shaping SF Talks series, with Fred Glass

03/08/2017 Walking tour for “Right to the City” class, California College of the Arts

03/07/2017 Visiting class from Montreal, Quebec, walking tour of the Mission

03/04-05/2017 History Days at the Old Mint

02/16/2017 Mission Murals tour for San Francisco Art Institute class

01/31/2017 Montalvo Arts Center, “San Francisco 1860-1906”

11/08/2016 Paste Magazine, November 2016

11/04/2016 Howard Zinn Bookfair, San Francisco, “Creative Contrarians”

10/07/2016 Market Street Prototyping Festival walking tour of Market Street

09/29/2016 USF class walking tour of Haight-Ashbury

09/19/2016 SF Art Institute class on “trash,” walking tour of north shore

08/31/2016 San Francisco history walking tour from the Mission to Mission Creek for School for International Training, “IHP Comparative: Climate Change–The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy”

04/28/2016 Walking tour of Dogpatch and Mission Bay with UCSF team

04/21/2016 California Institute of Integral Studies, Anthropology and Social change students walking tour

04/20/2016 “The Cultural Ecology of the 1960s and 70s: A panel discussion with Shaping San Francisco” at the California Historical Society with Nina Serrano, Lincoln Cushing, and Jesse Drew

03/05-06/2016 History Days at the Old Mint

02/29/2106 Visiting class from Montreal, Quebec, walking tour of the Mission

02/04/2016 San Francisco history walking tour for School for International Training, “IHP Comparative: Climate Change–The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy”

02/03/2016 California College of the Arts UDIST class bike tour of central city

01/26/2016 California College of the Arts, Architecture and Urbanism class

10/29/2015 Presidio Officers Club Dialogue Series: “The Vietnam War in Ten Years That Shook the City: San Francisco 1968-78″

10/17/2015 Litcrawl, “Still Contrarian After All these Years”

09/27/2015 “Season of the Witch” bike tour for SF Public Library’s “One City One Book” program

09/23/2015 Guest speaker at USF McCarthy Center Faculty meeting

09/22/2015 Guest lecture San Francisco Labor History, USF labor history class

09/05/2015 Labor and ecological history of the waterfront, USF service learning orientation tour

09/03/2015 Labor history walking tour for American Association of Political Scientists

08/29/2015 Labor and ecological history of the waterfront, USF service learning orientation tour

08/28/2015 San Francisco history walking tour from the Mission to Mission Creek for School for International Training, “IHP Comparative: Climate Change–The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy”

08/08/15 Friends of Strawberry Hill, Golden Gate Park, “History of Ecology Movement”

07/11/15 Friends of Strawberry Hill, Golden Gate Park, “Midwinter Fair and Turn of the 20th Century Infrastructure”

07/07/15 International Student Conferences, “History of Mission District”

05/28/15 Moderator, California Historical Society panel on “Labor and the PPIE”

05/20/15 “Scapegoat,” Glenn Lym’s documentary on the original City Hall, respondent during post-screening discussion.

05/12/15 Inner Sunset Culture Club, 1970s history

05/07/15 History Exchange at Mechanics Institute

05/05/15 History evening with students from UC Berkeley ACES class at Subterranean Arthouse, Berkeley.

05/05/15 Market Street History walking tour for Gehl Architectural Group

04/26/15 McCoppin Plaza history photo exhibition

04/25/15 Anarchist bookfair, Crucible, Oakland

04/24/15 DeYoung Museum: 1970s social movements, in conjunction with Janet Delaney photo show.

04/14/15 San Francisco Conservation Corps class, City history during WWII and aftermath

04/08/2015 “The Tenderloin: SF’s Most Fraught Neighborhood” with Peter Field at Shaping Francisco Talks series.

04/07/2015 “From Gold Rush to Google Bus: History of San Francisco” urban studies class at Stanford University

03/30/2015 Bay Area Social Movement History class, ACES, UC Berkeley: lecture on “Labor and Ecological History of SF Bay”

03/08/2015  “Art, Education, & Justice: Bay Area” festival at The Lab

03/03 and 03/19/2015  Walking tour for members of The Battery private club

02/28-03/01/2015 History Expo

02/25/2015 “A Festival of Empire Wrapped in Technological Hubris: the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915,” a lecture given as part of the ongoing Shaping San Francisco Talks series at 518 Valencia Street.

02/22/2015 San Francisco history lecture for School for International Training, “IHP Comparative: Climate Change–The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy”

02/02/2015 Bay Area Social Movement History class, ACES, UC Berkeley: community partner

01/22/2015 CCA Architecture class

11/15/2014 Howard Zinn bookfair, San Francisco

10/20/2014 University of San Francisco Rhetoric class walking tour through downtown

09/01/14 San Francisco history lecture for School for International Training, “IHP Comparative: Climate Change–The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy”

07/30/14 Center for Global Studies Mission walking tour

07/03/14 Northeast Waterfront historic walking tour for Exploratorium’s After Dark

06/23/14 UC Berkeley Design class walking tour

05/09/14 Waldorf high school bike tour Eco-south

04/27/14 SFSU social movements class bike tour Eco-south

04/07/14 Menlo High School, Atherton

03/28/14 USF walking tour SOMA

03/16/14 Kearny Street Workshop walking tour SOMA

03/12/14 Notre Dame de Namur class walking tour Mission

03/07/14 USF Urbanism Masters cohort walking tour Eureka Valley

03/04/14 Kearny Street Workshop writers’ workshop

03/01-02/14 History Expo, San Francisco

02/05/14 UC Berkeley Social Movements Class

11/8/13 Biodiversity Conference bike tour

11/1/13 Union for Democratic Communications Conference walking tour

09/13/13 Mission Creek walking tour for California College of the Arts

09/11/13 Talk on Bay Bridge, Shaping SF Talks series

07/31/13 Architects for Humanity lunchtime Designers Forum

06/19/13 walking tour for Architects for Humanity

05/19/13 walking tour for Stanford Urban Studies class

05/13/13 Urban Studies class at Stanford University (“community partner” to class)

03/02/13 History Expo at Old Mint, 2013

02/23/13 classroom presentation at California Institute of Integral Studies

02/21/13 Bike tour for Worldsavvy

09/15/12 Walking tour for Headlands Center for the Arts

09/14/12 Bike tour Panhandle/Wiggle for USF class

08/29/12 Walking tour Panhandle/Haight for USF class

07/21/12 Walking tour from SOMARTS in “Performing Community” festival

06/02/12 Walking tour of Market Street in Streetopia Festival

06/01/12 Walking tour “Food Politics” for California Institute for Integral studies class

05/31/12 Walking tour southern waterfront for Cascadia Sustainability Class

05/30/12  FoundSF “Dissent” presentation, concluding Shaping SF Talks series at CounterPULSE

05/29/12  “Uses of Market Street” talk in Streetopia Festival at the Luggage Store Gallery

04/10/12 Walking tour of Mission for California College of the Arts seminar

04/01/12 Ecological History bike tour for Jewish Museum

03/04/12 History Expo, Old Mint, San Francisco

10/11/11 Urban Studies guest lecture SF Art Institute

10/07/11 USF class Transit history bike tour

10/01/11 Market Street Walking Tour: SPUR/Studio for Urban Projects

09/28/11 USF Bicycle politics class

09/23/11 USF Sociology class

05/01/11 Labor Archives 25th anniversary celebration

04/06/11 City College of SF: English Class

02/12/11 History Expo, Old Mint

01/16/11 Shaping San Francisco’s Transit History Talk

12/09/10 SF Art Institute, walking tour of Dogpatch/shipyards

11/16/10 City College of SF: Art History in San Francisco class

11/16/10 Mission High School faculty meeting

09/07/10 Eureka Valley Branch Public Library

08/06/10 US Workers Coop Convention tour

06/23/10 US Social Forum workshop

11/19/09 SF Community Land Trust

10/29/09 Alexander Berkman Social Club

10/09/09 SF Public Library In-Service Staff meeting

09/10/09 SPUR: Archiving San Francisco

09/07/09 California Nurses Assn tour

07/25/09 Ocean View Branch Library

06/09/09 SF Museum & Historical Society

06/06/09 Ingleside Branch Library

04/27/09 Telegraph Hill Dwellers FoundSF demo

03/24/09 Potrero Hill Archives FoundSF demo

01/21/09 Wiki Rollout workshop

11/06/08 SF Arts Institute bicycle history tour

10/19/08 Slow Food Feast wiki sneak preview

09/28/08 BikeBike! bicycle tour

09/25/08 California Nurses Assoc. cablecar tour

03/22/07 Studying the Contested City, San Francisco Art Institute

02/26/07 Media Art and Hidden Noise, San Francisco Art Institute

02/14/07 “Land Grabs” CounterPULSE Talk

02/13/07 San Francisco Museum & Historical Society: Labor talk

10/26/06 SPUR: Past and Future Ecology

07/20/06 Comm. Housing Organizing Project, Senator Hotel, S.F.

04/07/06 “Teaching History” special interest group, American Educational Research Association

02/02/06 USF/John O’Connell Public Mural class

11/11/05 University High School assembly, San Francisco

07/28/05 Ecological history talk/Nature in the City Lunch Forum

03/19/05 CCA: The Edited Landscape class

02/15/05 New College Media Studies class

02/14/05 UC Berkeley Graduate Journalism class

04/21/04 SF State Univ., Geography Class

02/15/04 New College: Activism and Social Change Seminar

10/18/03 Potrero Hill History Night

09/19/03 “The Edited Landscape” class CCAC, Potrero Hill tour

09/14/03 California Nurses Assn. labor history tour

07/12/03 Labor History Tour on bicycle, LaborFest

07/09/03 YLEM Forum: History Matters!

05/03/03 Labor History Tour on bicycle, SF Bike Coalition

02/13/03 Crissy Field Visitors Center

11/25/02 Community College Humanities Assn., SF

10/04/02 Autonomous Media Conference, Tucson, AZ

05/22/02 OECD Study Tour “Social Innovation & New Economy”

05/07/02 ILWU Shop Stewards Meeting, Local 10

03/15/02 Crissy Field Visitors Center

03/06/02 Kioskcom 2002, workshop, Orlando, Florida

12/08/01 LaborTech 2001, USF, panelist

11/13/00 San Francisco State University graduate seminar

11/10/00 San Francisco Art Institute class

10/21/00 Hotel W, San Francisco, Station RAI (Italy)

10/20/00 California College of Arts & Crafts class

10/15/00 Pacific Film Archive

08/06/00 Centro Sociale Leoncavallo, Milan, Italy

05/25/00 Randall Junior Museum

05/18/00 City College Labor Studies class


05/09/00 City College Multimedia Studies class

04/27/00 Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center

02/24/00 SPUR (SF Planning and Urban Research)

01/21/00 California Conservation Corps

12/07/99 Modern Times Bookstore, San Francisco

09/15/99 Books, Inc., 2251 Chestnut Street

08/10/99 San Francisco Bicycle Coalition membership meeting

08/07/99 Transit/Labor history tour on bicycle for BikeSummer ‘99

07/12/99 Telegraph Hill Dwellers Assn. monthly membership mtng

06/24/99 Modern Times Bookstore, San Francisco

06/24/99 California Historical Society, San Francisco

05/25/99 Books Inc., 2275 Market Street, San Francisco

04/30/99 Southwest Labor Studies Conference, Ramada Hotel, SF

03/27/99 Anarchist Book Fair

03/01/99 Washington High School, science classes

02/26/99 “Which Way America? Visions, Voices, Viewpoints” Calif. Council for the Social Studies annual conference, Sunnyvale

02/25/99 San Francisco State University, Art History

02/25/99 Trinity College History Class, San Francisco

02/15/99 121 Railton Road Community Center, London England

02/11/99 Lancaster University, Lancaster England, Centre for Study of Environmental Change

In the newspaper in Liverpool, 199902/4-10/99 Liverpool, England

–John Moores University Learning Methods Unit

–Initiative Factory

–Northwest Labor Studies Association

–North Liverpool Computer Center

01/27/99 James Lick Middle School, 7th grade social studies

01/26/99 Potrero Hill Merchants and Boosters Association

11/7-8/98 SF Book Festival

10/29/98 Mills College, History and Fine Arts Depts. classes

10/22/98 City College of SF, Multimedia Class

10/04/98 Mill Valley Film Festival

09/23/98 Exploratorium, SF

09/17/98 Bay Area Video Coalition

09/12/98 Exploratorium, SF

08/27/98 Sociology Dept., “Mass Media” UCSC, Santa Cruz

08/06/98 GGNRA Staff Meeting, Presidio

08/05/98 Printer’s Inc Bookstore, Palo Alto

7/30-8/2/98 Green & Gold: “Calif. Environments–Memories and Visions” Conference, UC Santa Cruz

07/25/98 SF Bike Coalition Membership meeting

07/22/98 Golden Gate Nurses’ Foundation

07/21/98 Japan-U.S. Community Education and Exchange

07/18/98 Meiklejohn Institute Conference “Building Democracy in the post Cold War era”

06/27/98 Presidio Visitors’ Center

06/24/98 SF Main Library, Public Workshop

06/08/98 Women’s Building History Committee

05/14/98 San Francisco Historical Society Awards Dinner (rec’d Award of Merit)

05/06/98 San Francisco State University: “Alternative Documentary” class

04/28/98 Cody’s Books, Berkeley CA

04/18/98 Pacific Sociology Association Conference, Cathedral Hill Hotel,SF

04/14/98 San Francisco Bicycle Coalition membership meeting

4/01/98 San Francisco State University: “Teacher Credential in Elementary Education” class

03/29/98 Anarchist Book Fair

03/18/98 San Francisco State University: Social Work Department

03/17/98 City College of SF: Labor Studies Class

01/23/98 Modern Times Bookstore Book Party

01/22/98 Grand Rollout, San Francisco Public Library

12/07/97 Bay Area Labor Archives

11/27/97 Other Cinema, Artists Television Access

11/21/97 San Francisco State University: Multimedia Design

09/09/97 San Francisco Historical Society

07/11/97 Labor & Technology Conference, SF State University

04/06/97 “Building a Community of Resistance” Conference, SF

04/02/97 Anarchist Book Fair

03/13/97 Open Forum seminar

03/07/97 UC Berkeley, Information Sciences class

02/19/97 City College of San Francisco: Labor Studies class

02/15/97 Fillmore Multimedia Conference, African-American Historical and Cultural Society

01/16/97 Cybersalon, Berkeley, CA

10/23/96 San Francisco State University: Multimedia Design

10/05/96 Ecological Bicycle Tour of San Francisco waterfront

09/25/96 UC Berkeley: Geography Department “Tea”

03/31/96 National Alliance of Media Arts Centers conference, Berkeley

03/30/96 Anarchist Book Fair

03/17/96 Bay Area Labor Archives

02/13/96 UC Berkeley: San Francisco History class

06/95 W.R.I.T.E. ’95 (Writers Retreat on Interactive Technology and Equipment) Emily Carr Institute of Design, Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.

Public Branch Libraries, San Francisco

11/18/98 Glen Park, 653 Chenery St

11/21/98 Potrero Hill, 1616 20th St

12/02/98 Presidio, 3150 Sacramento St

12/09/98 Bernal Heights, 500 Cortland Ave

12/15/98 North Beach, 2000 Mason St

01/09/99 Park, 1833 Page St

01/23/99 Ingleside, 387 Ashton Ave

04/03/99 Western Addition, 1550 Scott Street

05/15/99 Anza, 550 37th Ave.

06/10/99 Marina, 1890 Chestnut

11/02/99 Sunset, 1305 18th Avenue

12/01/99 Main Library, 2nd Edition Rollout II


for Hidden San Francisco: Lost Landscapes, Unsung Heroes, and Radical Histories

August 2022: “Peter Greenberg Eye on Travel” CBS Radio, scroll to 1:28:30 for ten minutes on Hidden San Francisco and more. (only worked in Chrome)

March 24, 2020: East Bay Yesterday podcast

March 5, 2020: KPOO-FM Judy Drummond show

for Shift Happens! Critical Mass at 20

August, 2020: ¡Tome pá que Aprenda!, Entándem Fundacion, Ibagué, Colombia

April, 2020: Santo Domingo Critical Mass, Dominican Republic, Instagram interview

March, 2018: LA Network: De la masa crítica a la minga

July, 2017: New Indie, Chile

June 25, 2017: Energía Rebelde (Chile) from World Bike Forum #6 in Mexico City

June 7 2017: KBOO-FM The Bike Show

April 2017: Commenting on Sao Paulo cycle path removal

October 2016: Interview with Cicloaxion (Lima) at FMB5 in Santiago, Chile

April 2016: Chris Carlsson: “No creo en la superioridad moral basada en la elección de un vehículo”

January 2015: Velo Visionaries #1 by Kristin Tieche

August 2015: “Chris Carlsson, l’homme aux origines de la Masse Critique”

May 2014: 30 – a velocidade que respeita (30km/hr: A Respectful Speed) from valentinna.

February 2014: Bike é Legal: 3rd World Bike Forum, Curitiba Brazil

February 13, 2014, Carta Capital, Sao Paulo, Brazil

February, 2014, Teledomingo, GloboTV, Porto Alegre, Brazil

January 2013, Against the Grain, KPFA-FM

November 2012, Action Speaks Radio!

October 2012, Your Call Radio, KALW-FM, Increased Urban Bicycling

October 2012, Cidades Para Pessoas, 20 anos de Critical Mass (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

September 2012, KALW-FM, San Francisco: Mass Movements

September 2012, KALW-FM, San Francisco: A Spoke In the Wheel of Critical Mass’ story

September 2012, KQED-FM, San Francisco: Forum

September 2012, Earth Island Journal: Critical Mass Turns 20

September 2012, UK Guardian Bike Blog: Happy Birthday Critical Mass!

September 2012, SF Bay Guardian: Critical Mass at 20

September 2012, Earthjustice: Critical Mass at 20

September 2012, Shift Happens: Power to the Pedals (Roy Christopher)

September 2012, Comune-Info: Lo sciame che trasforma la città (Rome, Italy)

September 2012, 20 Years of Critical Mass,

September 2012 “CHRIS CARLSSON 20 años no es nada” Vida Sana/The Ecologist (Spain)

September 2012 Bicizen interview on Critical Mass at 20 (Italian)

July 2012 “Other Voices” RTVE  Radio Exterior (Spain)

07/04/12 “Carne Cruda” RTVE Radio 3 (Spain)

for Ten Years That Shook the City: San Francisco 1968-78

08/20/12 KALW-FM, “City Visions: A People’s Archive of the Bay Area”

11/02/11 Against the Grain, KPFA, live from Oakland General Strike

08/16/11 Letters and Politics, KPFA

08/14/11 New Day Jazz, KDVS

06/29/11 Against the Grain, KPFA

06/26/11 Greater Media Detroit

for Nowtopia

02/13/14 Bike é Legal, Sao Paulo: on Public Space

02/08/14 ZeroHora, Porto Alegre, Brazil

02/26/12 Radio Ipanema, 94.9 FM, Porto Alegre, Brazil

11/02/10 TEDxAmazonia, Manaus, Brazil

10/05/10 Radiopopolare, Milan, Italy

06/18/10 Car-Free Vancouver Day (You Tube) part 1, part 2

05/08/10 Chris Carlsson on Bicycling and CounterCulture Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

03/06/10 Oguiaverde Youtube on Critical Mass


02/05/09 Google Author series, Santa Monica, CA

01/31/09 World Social Forum (Brazil) (YouTube)

01/22/09 DecrescitaFeliz (Italy) (YouTube)

06/22/08 Mind Over Matters (YouTube), KEXP-FM, Seattle, WA

10/10/08 CBC Radio “The Current” with David Suzuki

09/09/08, Toronto

09/05/08 CFRB-AM, John Moore Show, Toronto

09/05/08 PROUD-FM, Shaun Proulx Show, Toronto

09/05/08 CIUT-FM The Green Majority, University of Toronto

09/05/08 CFRU-FM Wake Up!, University of Guelph, Ontario Canada

09/04/08 Steppin’ Out of Babylon, Eugene Oregon

08/05-12/08 Pedal Driven, CKDU-FM, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Part 1 (mp3), Part 2 (mp3)

07/17/08 MTV Italia

07/10/08 Speakers Forum, KUOW-FM, Seattle WA

06/22/08 Mind Over Matters, KEXP-FM, Seattle, WA

06/20/08 No Boundaries on WBNW, Money Matters Network

06/13/08 KDVS-FM, Davis CA

06/04/08 Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade, WBAI-FM, NYC

04/23/08 Against the Grain, KPFA-FM

04/18/08 with Diamond Dave Whittaker

03/28/08 KBOO-FM, Portland OR “Positively Revolting” Radio

Summer 2004: Informal chat on Critical Mass at Macchia Rossa, Rome, Italy


05/17/2015: Chris Carlsson Talks Creating and Saving, Fighting for his Home on

04/15/2014: KQED radio: “San Francisco’s Housing Boom Repeats an Old Story”

03/01/2014: Mutiny Radio, Eviction crisis and history

Aug-Oct 2009 Carbusters #39, interview.

05/08/09 Freedom (UK) interview.

03/31/08 KALW-FM, City Visions, “Planning for Future Bicycling in San Francisco”

02/17/07 ChangeSurfer Radio (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies)

04/17/06 KPFA, “Ruin, Rubble and Race”

August 2005 podcast interview on Bikescape

May 2005 interview in San Francisco Bay Guardian

for The Political Edge and After The Deluge

01/24/05 KPOO

02/20/05 KPFA Sunday Salon

02/21/05 KVMR morning show

06/07/05 KFAI-FM (Minneapolis)

for Processed World/Bad Attitude

03/24/86 KUSF

07/15/90 WPFW-FM Washington D.C.

07/13/90 CBS News Nightwatch, Washington D.C.

09/02/90 WBCN Boston

09/03/90 WBOS Boston

10/08/90 KNBR

12/12/90 KPFA

06/92 Paper Tiger TV: “Finally Got the News: Let Them Eat Laptops”

for Anti-Economy League of San Francisco

05/10/90 Radio Prague, Czechoslovakia

05/28/91 “Social Thought” KALW radio “Most of the Work We Do is Wasteful, Trivial & Irrelevant”

for Critical Mass

08/2016 World Bike Forum #5 in Santiago, Chile

04/2012 Magis magazine, Guadalajara, Mexico

02/2012 Gazeta do Povo, Curitiba, Brazil

02/2012 Jornal do Comercio, Porto Alegre, Brazil

02/2012 Sul21, Cicloativismo, Porto Alegre, Brazil

02/2012 The CityFix Brasil

06/2010 “Good Bike” audio CD by Têtes de Bois, Italy

10/02/05 KALW-FM Public Transit Show

09/06/05 Bikescape Podcast

07/24/03 WBAI-FM “Between The Lines” w/ Doug Henwood

07/2003 CJSR FM “Rise Up: Radio Free Edmonton,” Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

10/15/02 WYSO-FM, Yellow Springs, Ohio

09/26/02 KUSF-FM, Radio Segueway

09/23/02 WORT-FM, Madison, Wisconsin

08/11/2002 Il Manifesto, Milan, Italy

08/04/2002 RadioPopolare, Italy

06/2001 National Geographic, “Pulse of the Planet”

09/18/93 KALW

09/23/93 KUSF


for Shaping San Francisco/Reclaiming San Francisco

01/15/98 KUSF-FM radio interview

04/09/98 KALW radio “Book Talk”

04/27/98 KPFA radio “Morning Show”

05/09/98 KQED Forum

06/18/98 KPFA Radio: Living Room, host Larry Bensky

10/08/98 KALW radio “Towards Useful Consciousness”

08/26/99 webTV with Alex Bennett

05/17/00 web television

12/21/00 KPOO “Diamond Dave” on San Francisco

03/25/15 Western Neighborhoods Project podcast