We Are the Crisis of Capital, And Proud of It!

with Andrej Grubacic and Chris Carlsson

This panel will focus on what anticapitalist revolution can mean today—after the historic failure of the idea that the conquest of state power was the key to radical change. The central challenge is the idea that “We Are the Crisis of Capital” (and proud of it). This runs counter to many leftist assumptions that the capitalists are to blame for the crisis, or that crisis is simply the expression of the bankruptcy of the system. The only way to see crisis as the possible threshold to a better world is to understand the failure of capitalism as the face of the push of our creative force. From here, the panelists will discuss three challenges: the meaning of “We,” the understanding of capital as a system of social cohesion that systematically frustrates our creative force, and the proposal that we are the crisis of this system of cohesion.

at the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair / 2016 Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. OFFSITE – Room #2 Located at ConneXion (520 3rd Street, #109, Oakland, CA) from 1:00pm to 2:00pm